We are a Peruvian-based Christian organization that reaches out to people with limited resources by addressing their physical and spiritual needs. We follow the example and commandments of Jesus Christ by demonstrating compassion and love to our neighbors through volunteer short term medical missions and daily patient care activities in our permanent medical programs.

Since 1999 we have taken care of more than 138,590 patients on 139 medical projects in areas with limited resources in Peru with the help of over 2841 volunteers from the United States, Canada and other countries. Our teams have included doctors, nurses, dentists, surgeons, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, gynecologists, physical and occupational therapists, students, translators and other non-medical personnel that have traveled throughout Peru. Volunteers have covered their own costs to participate in our projects, motivated by a love for Christ and His call to serve those in need.


Our ministry began its activities in 1999 when Brian J. Piecuch and his family moved to Arequipa-Peru and began to coordinate the first medical projects in Lima and Arequipa. Through the years the ministry has continued to grow and our services reached numerous cities and rural areas in all of Perú. We even crossed international borders on several occasions, supporting work in Bolivia and Brazil. These activities were developed under the auspices of Medical Ministry International, a joint ministry of Medical Ministry USA and Medical Ministry Canada.

In January 2010, we registered as a not-profit association in Peru under the name Association Medical Ministry International-Peru with Tania Catacora as our president and legal representative. In November 2014, the board of directors of Association MMI-Peru decided to disassociate itself from MM USA while continuing to develop its projects in cooperation with Medical Ministry Canada and other organizations in the United States. It also decided to operate under the new name of Hope and Health by MMI-Peru.


To share the love of God through health care in areas of limited resources in Peru.


To achieve the development of healthy lives, promoting education and comprehensive care based on Christian principles.


Love, Faith, Compassion, Teamwork, Integrity, Stewardship, Commitment, Innovation, Efficiency, Respect and Perseverance.


Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.

Matthew 25:40

Message from the Founder

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. It is a thrill to be able to share with you a few words. My wife and I moved our family to Arequipa, Peru in the Fall of 1999. We were sent to Peru by Medical Ministry International (MMI) to launch a new national program in this beautiful country organizing one and two week volunteer teams, while keeping our eyes open for opportunities to develop permanent medical care as well. Additionally, I began to provide oversight to MMI’s mission work throughout the Western Hemisphere and Africa. The first project in Peru took place the following year (Iquitos/Amazon River) and was directed by Dr. Pete Obregon. Several months later I directed my first project in Arequipa. The work quickly grew and we began to build, with God’s grace, a team of local staff and volunteers who supported our work. Our current national director, Tania Catacora, was introduced to me in 2001 through a friend that we had in common. Her first task was to serve as a volunteer translator for an project in Arequipa. The dentist she worked with was so impressed with Tania that he said to me after the project, “She’s a sharp one! You don't want to let her get away.” She didn’t, and now to see her direct the work in Peru as a true servant leader and disciple of Jesus gives me a great sense of joy. We lived in Peru for a total of 11 years. Our family still speaks about our time in Peru just about every single day. Peru is a county with many needs, and it was a privilege to be able to serve the poor in this country. It is also a wonderful place with wonderful people. Our faith grew tremendously, two of our children were born in Arequipa and we continue to count as some of our closest friends people we met during our time there. God blessed us richly by the experience, and I pray that we were an instrument of blessing as well. We moved back to the USA five years ago, and while the work has grown and matured since our departure, the Peru team continues to be faithful to the founding principles of following the example of Jesus, by providing fiscal and spiritual healthcare to a world in need. If you are considering participating in one of our mission trips, be prepared to have a life changing experience!!!

Brian J. Piecuch