Members of our team serve the Lord with faith, love, and compassion, responding to the call to love and serve our neighbors. Many do not receive a formal salary through our ministry and rely on support from family, friends and donors who have decided to become involved in the ministry through financial support. We would like to encourage you to consider to support these members of our team in prayer and with donations.

Tania Catacora

Tania serves the Lord through this ministry in the administration of the National Office, as well as traveling and leading medical missions in diverse areas of Peru. Her call to missions began in 1998 and throughout the years she has served with multiple Christian missions and organizations. We pray for Tania and her leadership, for direction in the decisions that she faces on a daily basis and we thank God for His care and provision throughout the years.

Asdrubal Amador

Asdrubal is from Costa Rica. He was born into a Christian family, but has lived outside of his home country for more than 18 years. Throughout the years, he has worked with various missions organizations and has had the opportunity to travel to more than 20 countries. He has planted 2 Spanish-speaking churches in the United States. He currently lives in Lima, Peru with his wife, Karin, and daughter, Abigail. Asdrubal serves in our ministry in the role of project director, leading medical missions, as well as helping out in the area of Integrated Health providing pastoral counseling, evangelism and praying with our patients.


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Through the physiotherapy program, wheelchairs and other special equipment are delivered annually in a 40-foot container from the United States. These materials are distributed in Arequipa and the entire southern region of Peru. The materials are purchased and donated and sent through Hope Haven International Ministries and other sponsoring agencies of the United States.


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