Volunteers are a basic component of our medical missions. By using their free time to serve those most in need; many volunteers return each year to participate in our various activities, which become unique and memorable experiences. Volunteers may be health care providers (doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, students, etc.) or not have any medical experience. These people may assist in areas supporting the clinic such as patient reception, coordinating the flow of patients, preparing medications, working as translators, or assisting in the children’s area, etc.

Joining one of our medical missions is an experience which will change your life in many ways. If you are a youth pastor in search of a place to take teenagers or a parent wanting to share an experience of serving with your spouse and children, our missions are also for you! What better way to bond with your children than to share an experience like this. Groups of teenagers who are at least 14 years old and accompanied by a leader are welcome to our missions in the months of June through August.

If you’re a college student and passionate about serving others, then it is time you gather your friends and join us.

If you are between 14-85 years old we have service opportunities for you!! As part of our mission you can meet new people, experience a new culture, learn Spanish, serve the Lord and help the needy with your skills, gifts and talents.

Volunteers from the US or Canada usually cover their travel expenses plus the determined amount for each project. More information and to begin the application process and payment, may be made through Medical Ministry International – Canadá. Payments for our missions and donations are tax deductible in the US or Canada.

Everyone has a different vocation and can help in different ways. Many people do not have time to travel or are afraid to leave their country on mission trips. However, they may be willing to support you financially for your mission work, you only have to ask! Act on your desire to serve and inspire others to do so by participating, praying or contributing funds to serve in Peru.