This is a cultural exchange program for both Christian adults and college students. The participant is immersed in a new culture, with opportunities to travel and become familiar with new places. They live with local families and participate in different activities, among which include: activities in the national office, serving on medical mission projects, collaborating in our permanent programs or helping in orphanages/local elementary schools or other social programs with whom we work here in Arequipa. During this experience, you will make new friends, participate in a local church, acquire new skills and have new life experiences, which allow you to see your own culture from a new perspective. Furthermore, you will learn many new things and grow in every area of your life, including personal and professional. For more info contact us at

Scott Mitchell

My time in Peru by Amanda Rowe

The Asoc. MMI-Peru is one of my favorite organizations to visit and work with. I’ll give you a brief history of my involvement with them. In November of 2011 my parents invited me to go on a medical/volunteer trip to Cuzco, Peru. For all of us this was our first experience with this ministry. My father is a Family NP, my mother is a physical therapist and I am a nurse. We spent a week in Cuzco and the surrounding area with a team led by Tania Catacora, and WOW, being in that clinic was amazing. For the cost of a days wage patients could receive care in the areas of general medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, and optometry. Medications and glasses were provided and people received education and charlas” (teachings) about how to take care of their bodies and souls. I was hooked. Working with this team was life giving and encouraging. People from all areas of life were welcome to join in and serve. The mission to bring healthcare to the people of Peru who lived far from hospitals and clinics was led by a team of Peruvians who knew and loved their people and who wanted to see them reached with Gods love.

I went back to Peru in 2012 and spent 6 months there working as a volunteer nurse from May-November. This was one of the most valuable decisions of my life.During my time in Peru I got to work with the local staff, volunteer as a nurse in a local hospital for the uninsured, and live with a Peruvian family. Tania, Vicente, Cathy, Helen, Alfredo, Hilda, Pastor Astrubal, Domi, Jodi and Erin, all of the office staff, and volunteers from all over the world became my family and friends. At the weekly office devotionals we prayed for each other and for the people we were working to serve. Together we went to remote places in Peru where there was a need for healthcare and where we had a local connection with churches, schools or clinics. After seeing the Peru ministry up close and personal, I loved the work they were doing even more and admired their passion and love for the people around them.

I got to go back to Peru yet again in September of 2013. We were going on a trip through the Colca canyon, visiting villages accessible by mule paths and trucks. This was a smaller trip because we were walking between villages and changing altitude quite often. Again the camaraderie of the team was one of the highlights for me. Every morning one member of our team would share a devotional (some of their thoughts about God, thoughts about serving and love, some hymns and songs) and then we would go into clinic time. The people we were serving were those left behind in dwindling farming villages, the very old and the very young children and mothers. Some of my favorite memories from that trip include laughing until we cried at mealtimes, singing in Spanish, English and Quechua, and the way that the stars and moon shine at 15,000 feet. I love my Peru family and am always excited to recommend the work they are doing to others. I look forward to the next time when I am able to see them and work with them again.

Amanda Rowe