Arequipa is Peru’s second largest city with a population near one million people.  Although sitting in a valley, the elevation is quite high.  Three snow-capped volcanoes, Misti, Chanchani and Pichu Pichu, dominate the city’s panorama.  Of the three, only Misti remains active. Inhabitants of this city are involved in industrial and commercial production, including camelid wool products. The historic center of Arequipa spans an area of 332 hectares and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The city has a large number of public and private health centers, however urban slum conditions mean that many still suffer from lack of access to basic services.  “Pueblos Jovenes” (permanent squatter communities) completely ring the city.  In these communities health care is not universally available and is often substandard.  Many Peruvians living in “pueblos jovenes” are forced to resort to traditional remedies rather than seeking medical treatment.

Elevation:       8,200 feet (2,499 meters)  

Population:  836,859

Time Zone:   PET (UTC -5) – same as CST in US & Canada

Fun Fact:    Arequipa is called the “White City” because many of its buildings are made of a white volcanic rock called sillar.


Arequipa’s climate is warm and generally dry.   The month of June is a winter month.  Days will be warm and nights and early mornings will be cold, so be sure to bring some warm clothing for nighttime.  Dressing in layers is recommended for this type of climate.  June Average High:  67° F (19.4° C) June Average Low:  46° F (7.7° C)