Ayacucho is the capital city of Huamanga Province, Ayacucho Region.  It is a small town of colonial style with approximately 32,000 citizens, calm and quiet, with old streets full of charm. Ayacucho is 558 km from Lima (the capital city of Peru). Ayacucho was the capital of the last pre-Inca Empire and is located in the middle of the driest area of Peru. It was founded in 1539 by Francisco Pizarro. Now it is famous because of her religious celebrations.

The inhabitants of Ayacucho are involved in agriculture and light manufacturing: textiles, pottery, leather goods, and filigree wear. Ayacucho is famous for its 33 churches, which represent one for each year of Jesus’ life, and was a key site for a major battle for Peruvian independence from the Spanish. 

Altitude:   9,055 feet (2,760 meters)

Population:  221,000

Time Zone:   PET (UTC-5)

Fun Fact:  There is a tradition in the city that all houses must have a little church on the roof of the house.

Climate: The end of March is the beginning of fall in the southern hemisphere.    The days are warm and sunny but it gets cool at night and in the mornings.  

Average High:  75º F (24º C) Average Low: 51° F (11º C)