Integrated Health Program

We bring messages of disease prevention and healthcare to people of low income status during medical missions performed in rural communities and cities. We also share the message of the love of God, pray and provide pastoral counseling for our patients. We use educative and evangelistic materials in native languages that the patients can understand in hopes that they will bring this message of hope and health into their homes.


Continuing education courses with trained specialists from the United States and Canada. These trainings and specialization courses are directed towards students and professionals that provide services in the areas of physical therapy and surgery. They are provided with the purpose of improving the education level of Peruvian professionals so that they may provide better care to the patient population they serve in their own hospitals, medical centers, clinics, etc. This allows us to have a greater impact beyond our direct patient care and improve the quality of life for even more Peruvian people.


Thanks to the scholarship program of the Milgraos “Miracle” Foundation from the United States, we have been able to award scholarships to underprivileged youth since 2007. The Milagros “Miracle” Foundation believes that precious resources and opportunities to obtain higher education are lost due to economic scarcity within the underserved population of the youth:

  • Many low-income youth lose the opportunity to improve their education because of cost.
  • Many skilled leaders can not participate in their church ministries while attending university as they need to work to pay for their studies. However, in Peru, thanks to the scholarships from the Milagros “Miracle” Foundation, several young people have benefited. One such young lady from Arequipa, Peru, is Yeny Pocori. She was trained as an ophthalmic technician in the Hospital Cristiano de Servicios Médicos de Milagro “Christian Services Miracle Medical Hospital” in Ecuador under the supervision of the ophthalmologist Dr. Robin Rios. Yeny continued her studies at the Institute of Optometry and Eurohispano Sciences in Lima, graduating as an optometrist. She now works full time with our ministry in the Optometry office and participates in various medical missions we provide throughout the year. For further information about the scholarship program, contact us at: