We offer service opportunities through medical missions in the fields of General Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Dentistry, Optometry and more.


Over the years and seeing the long-term needs of many of the patients we serve through medical missions, permanent services were established.


Integral Health Program, messages of prevention and attention to people with disabilities in medical campaigns carried out in communities and cities.


Peru is the third largest country in South America with more than 5000 years of history, it is one of the most diverse nations in the world. It has a varied geography with a lot of diversity.

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What people say


Dustin Banks

WOW…where do I start!? I have seen God move in amazing ways but having it happen every day on this 2 week Medical Mission trip was Extraordinary! I’ve always treasured being able to fill someone’s immediate need and especially without anything in return. This trip was that and more. To see these Beautiful Peruvian people get the medical attention they needed, from Surgery to Physical Therapy with such gratitude, was such blessing to experience! Even if there was nothing we could do for their illness/injury long term, they were just happy to be seen and cared for regardless of treatment. I can’t wait to go again and be a part of such a warm, loving and amazing team, who have hearts to serve people and reach them when they need us the most!! – (Arequipa Trip 2013)

Shown Vanderbrook

Peru wasn’t just like any other experience. The people we got to work with and work for showed us how to truly serve those in need. The patient population we dealt with was so variable that it is the most well rounded experience I have had to date working in a volunteer setting. The project in Peru left such an impact on me that I hope to one day be a mentor to other students so that they may gain all the valuable insights into another culture and how the knowledge and attitude we bring can have such a positive impact on their healthcare system, their quality of life, and most importantly their spiritual life. On the Project in Arequippa we weren’t just giving physical therapy care, we were giving hope of how the world can come together and cross any culture to bring about the kingdom on Earth that God has always planned.

Kaitlyn Forth

The trip was absolutely breath taking. My dream of doing missions work in Peru, ever since I was very young, finally, came true. A couple hours after landing, and feeling slightly jet-lagged, we ventured out to the main plaza to get a feel for the surroundings we would be in for the next two weeks. Even just after being there for a few hours, it had felt as if I had already been there for many days. Everything felt normal, like I have been there before. I worked in optometry fitting reading and sunglasses on the patients. Everyone wanted the chance to glance into a mirror. They would laugh at a funny pair of
glasses that they did not like, made jokes with one another, and gave us all hugs and start to tear up
when they felt loved enough to deserve something so nice.

Trudy Seivwright

In November 2013, I decided to serve in Cusco, Peru. It was an amazing experience working with fellow Christians. We served, bolstered by our love for Jesus Christ. I cried on my last day and kept crying on the plane home. I knew I would return I just didn’t know the exact date. My depression finally lifted and the gratitude came like a flood. I thanked God for the awesome experience and I yearned for more. Fastforward two years and I’ve been to Peru three times. If God spares my life I hope to have a fourth trip this year. I just love this group of people. I love their dedication to the people of Peru. I just love this country and I hope fellow Christians will consider giving a bit of their time. You’ll get more than you give! God bless.

Lester Syyong

Going to Peru and helping the people there was so humbling for me because as a prospective physical therapy student at the time, I got to see a glimpse of how the Lord can use my future career to help so many lives. I believe that whatever we may choose to do in life, it all must point toward Christ and that was very much seen through our actions on the trip. The relationships I developed with the team in these few weeks really strengthened my faith, and overall I got to soak in so much PT experience from everyone on my team years ahead in school! If you want to make a direct impact on people’s lives using your career as a platform to Christ, stop looking elsewhere!.